Sunday, 21 July 2013

Special Edition Gold Nike makes an appearance at the Olympics

When I wrote about Yohan Blake wore a $ 500,000 watch the Olympics, I recently realized that Nike had the ace in the hole. The time piece you've seen in your other Nike + Sportwatch avatar is now in a special edition. The 18 carat gold version shares the same characteristics as the original (GPS, pedometer monitoring of heart rate information to a remote LCD screen).

Fortunately for us, Nike has remained classy, ​​keeping gold at a minimum and a white frame seriously. If you look closely, the Nike logo is engraved in gold. What makes this "Special Edition" different from other "special editions" is that no amount of pleading or negotiating with Nike can get one. These watches are designed only for Olympic athletes. This is only for gold medalists. Now that is what a true special edition issue. Nike says that the watch was on the wrist of the sprinter Allyson Felix (Team USA), where she took the gold medal in the 200m sprint.

Nike sells standard editions of about $ 230. So let to ask. Meanwhile lust all you can, it is a special edition that will be almost impossible to obtain.