Sunday, 21 July 2013

Carbon fiber and exotic wood tie knot to make these watch boxes look stunning

It takes two to tango! Maybe this is what Rainer artisans and designers might consider when the German brand is known for its handicrafts choose two materials, ie, exotic wood and carbon fiber to form watch cases. You rarely see that carbon fiber connects the wood very well, but these beautiful watches boxes, is simply mixed with so much charm. Carbon fiber Shop Equipment offers these beautiful watches boxes in two sizes. The largest can accommodate up to twelve pieces of watches while the smallest can hold three of his closest watches.

When the leaders of these pictures had to choose materials that will bring elegance and charm charm customers when they choose the former was Makassar. Macassar is a very rare and exotic wood has a natural exquisite black and brown lines. The second material used to make watch cases was obviously the best quality carbon fiber. Therefore, the box is actually made of exotic wood with a strip of carbon fiber placed in the center of the outer core. The combination is simply amazing for applicants for watch cases. The two boxes of watches come with locks and keys (included) to secure your most cherished and expensive watches with maximum security.

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  1. I've notice when I've purchase my fourth watch that I was picking up an "collection", instead of getting a lot of watches to choose from for an event that it will fill well, so I searched around for a better than average box to keep the ones I that I wasn't wearing. This surely the only one that I've found really attractive and quality build as it looks...