Sunday, 28 July 2013

Furla - Summer Bags for 2013th

Furla is a brand that has established the Furlanetto family more than 80 years and that marked the Italian tradition and the economy in many ways. From Tokyo to New York, Furla transmitted Italian style and entrepreneurial spirit is always focused on the future. 

This is one of the few Italian companies that is still family owned and which is fully produced in Italy. This business policy is a clear indication of the values ​​promoted by Furla - tradition, quality, authentic Italian style, sophistication and natural elegance.

Furla for summer 2013th brings some new forms and models, but also part of the old model in the new summer attire. This is primarily a neutral palette of black, white and cream bag and wallet for those kept classics, handbags and accessories in a blast of summer colors like blue and yellow, for those who like to freshen up your look during the summer days.  

When shapes and sizes concerned, Furlina new collection has covered everything you could need, large living hand bags, big bags to shoulder bags medium size, letter bags, all that you'll find in the new collection.