Wednesday, 17 April 2013

$91,500 Hermes Crocodile Skin T-shirt

For $ 91,500, you could buy a great car or just a shirt. Yes, you read that right, sells 100% Hermes crocodile T-shirt for the price of $ 91,500 on Madison Avenue flagship store of the brand. This particular shirt was discovered by the team of Alene and has been described as the most expensive in New York T-shirt.

Spring 2013 collection Hermes Fashion T-shirt alligator track
The STL took a picture of the price tag of a store policy not to take pictures of the garments, and wisely said that taxes on the sale of the shirt alone could total $ 8,000, bringing the total this dangerously near six figures.

All luxury stripes shirt is just beautifully sewn crocodile. I wonder if it's comfortable for her weight - a little heavy for a shirt?

The most expensive T-shirt New York debuted last fall in the spring of 2013 of the track on the label crocodile line chiffon shirt. All vertices of the collection cost between $ 60,000 and $ 100,000.

The 91, 500 Hermes T-shirt shirt $ is the most expensive in New York

The Hermes T-shirt everyone talks

Hermes Crocodile Skin T-shirt
Crocodile Skin T-shirt form Hermes’ Spring 2013 runway collection
Hermes Crocodile Skin T-shirt
The $91,500 Hermes T-shirt is the most expensive T-shirt in New York
Hermes Crocodile Skin T-shirt
The Hermès T-shirt everyone’s talking about