Saturday, 22 June 2013

Shoes with Midas touch – World’s First Wearable 24 Karat Gold Shoes

24-karat gold shoes

What do you think of shoes with Midas. Alberto Moretti had it in mind when he designed the first notebook shoes 24k gold world. In collaboration with Horus, a brand that also has gold foil T-shirts, Moretti, you can count on Jessica Chastain, Cameron Diaz and Elle Macpherson among its celebrity fans, has released a pair of gold heels for women, and a pair of moccasins for children.

Each is covered with velvet and 24K gold plated.
As expected a cover designer precious metal shoes, a couple is not cheap. According to the Facebook page of the brand, the shoes will be available for purchase exclusively in five places in the world: Barneys New York, Fred Segal in Los Angeles, the Swank in Hong Kong, shoes at the district level in Dubai and Harrods London with prices from £ 1,700 ($ 2,650).

Alberto Moretti is going for the gold with the creation of the first wearable pair of 24-karat gold shoes

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