Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Left Shoe Company Opens Store In Los Angeles

The Left Shoe Company to open Flagship Store in Los Angeles

The Left Shoe Company, founded in 1998, is a manufacturer of custom-made shoes, with offices in London, UK and Helsinki, Finland. Now they have announced the opening of its first U.S. store in Los Angeles in 1700 square meters, located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Due to the method of measuring 3D scanning shoes are available in a wide range of custom models and sizes. Typically, custom shoes are high quality at a high price, delivery is about six months and the customer has to check frequently the cobbler.

In contrast, the measured 3D shoes can be delivered in 4 weeks. Once the 3D scanning process is completed, the costume designer is able to tailor the choice of shoes, according to the term made-to-measure, both in the store and on the website, you can choose the base, the color and flavor of leather.

The Melrose Avenue boutique will feature a design to select a style and a lounge bar with a gentleman, so customers will have a personalized shopping experience. The left shoe company officially opened its doors to the public on Saturday, June 15, on the occasion of Father's Day.

Sales prices starting at $ 395 for custom shoes, and are available in no less than 10 different colors and materials with 6 different individual options. The basic styles are categorized into various collections including The Oxford, The Derby, The Monk, The Boot, Sea and Golf. The store also has accessories like belts, socks, and care items such as shoe polish and brushes.