Friday, 24 May 2013

The most expensive cheese in the world

The most expensive dish with cheese in the world costs $ 3,200! Extravagant plate with eight different cheeses, including whooping cheese that is made to order, goat cheese, which "ripens" within leŇ°nikovog leaves, "fancy" Cheddar cheese with gold leaf and white Francuskisir with truffles. This luxurious set of cheese is exposed to silver feathering in competition with the best cheeses from around the world.

The most expensive cheese on this plate is a Serbian cheese, which is made from donkey milk. It is known that the female donkey give very little milk, milk is collected from 100 Balkan donkeys that live in the reserve Zasavica, near Belgrade. What makes it special is that for 1 kg of cheese takes 25 liters of milk a whooping amount of milk that may be one namusti ass for two years.

Donkey milk is very similar to the human, because it is only one per cent fat, so you can drink and small children.Filled with medicinal properties, especially helps in the treatment of asthma and bronchitis, both in adults and in children, emphasized the manufacturers. Milk drink only fresh, because by cooking it loses its vitamin and nutritional value.

"Pula" cheese is named after the Serbian word pule - foal. This exclusive products to order, a kilo will cost 1,000 euros.