Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Freywille new jewelry line - Spirit of Africa

Take one more step and go into further artistic journey discovering the fascinating spirit of Africa that pays respects to the beautiful nature and atmosphere of this continent. Freywille is another enthralling Safari design of delicate color and tender shades decorated with smooth rhodium - palladium. Artistic design vaternog precious enamels, flattering colors, which is playful shades of African diverse everyday life and vibrant atmosphere.Delicate yellow desert sand along with warm shades of brown Savane will extend you a new Safari, a totally new experience for your senses.

Freywille creates incredibly precious jewelry of fire enamels, as well as luxury accesories. Limited production in the production of the original address in the heart of luxurious European city of Vienna, where the company and was founded in 1951, guarantees the highest standards of quality in the design and manufacture.

  •  New gentle pastel colors
  •  Rhodium - paladijumski finish    
  •  The decor, which is further refined 18karatnim white gold

  About the Brand:
Freywille always puts creativity in the first place in his work: the original Freywille style - the new style of the brand, decorate enamel and enamel firing techniques of high quality - were created in the eighties by a young design team, goldsmiths and experts of fine enameling techniques. Absolutely every collection is based on the ideas of European and humanistic philosophies, the basics of intangible and emotional. Freywille currently has 90 boutiques worldwide, with more than 550 employees spread precious spirit of these companies in 35 countries, covering 4 continents.