Monday, 20 May 2013

Laucala Island, Fiji

Nowhere is the magic of the South Seas own an authentic and varied day in Laucala Island. The result is a very exciting prize for the senses that makes the dream of paradise come true personal visitor.

Off the coast northeast of Taveuni is private haven Laucala Island is small. Originally created by a British researcher in the late 1900s, Laucala Island remains true to its roots with authentic Fijian island of established products, materials, fruits, vegetables and livestock as often as possible.

Philosophy forms the Global South Seas dream to Laucala to the smallest detail. Individual design of luxury residences that inspire visitors with their undoubted commitment to nature and traditions of Fiji with excellent cuisine, natural health treatments and a wide range of sports and cultural activities.

Tennis, fishing, yoga, or swimming are simple activities available in the luxury resort island, but are just the beginning. The mesh swimming pool lake is dotted with islands and organically sun. Take a quad or go naturally through sand riding.

Romantic candlelit dinners on the private beach, restaurants in the elegant Plantation House Restaurant, authentic Asian herbal special restaurant, a spectacular cocktail Sundowner Lounge in the rock, avant-garde appetizers at the bar by the pool or a BBQ in the bar from the beach to catch the tropical atmosphere.

... is the dream of Eden Garden, a dream that came true on Laucala, in the magic cosmos of the Fiji Islands in the Pacific.

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