Thursday, 11 April 2013

Emerald Coast of Nicaragua - Hot Spot for Luxury Travel

Emerald Coast of Nicaragua is quickly becoming worldwide labeled the fate of the future. It is especially interesting for those who thirst for exotic travel.

In this case, the hot spot in the mind is a beach hut on the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua south side of the Pacific - Luxury Resort & Spa Mukul (mukul means "secret" in Mayan). It is a remote and an endless beach near anchor Enclave luxury vacation on the island Guacalito

Luxury Resort & Spa is Mukul $ 250 million boutique hotel and luxury spa opened in February 2013. by one of Latin America's most influential and wealthy - Don Carlos Pellas.

Whether it is for those who like exotic travel or those who simply recognize - and love - good value, seems to have an attractive Mukul that will facilitate travel to Nicaragua both a blessing and praise worthy.

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