Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sony SmartWatch 2 With Android

Smart Accessories: Sony’s Android-Powered SmartWatch 2
Sony unveiled SmartWatch 2 SW2, and perhaps this is the most advanced SmartWatch exists today. Sony says this elegant watch that the second screen for your Android phone. But in addition to help you use your phone SmartWatch also serves as a multifunctional clock, alarm interface for Android applications and the phone remotely. The watch is also waterproof, dustproof, and looks sweet.

Can be personalized with a specific application in order to fully meet your needs, whether you're on the road, active in meetings or at home. You can make calls by simply pressing the wrist, taking pictures, checking the road on a bicycle. But that's not all. You can read messages when the phone is in your hand, and take complete control of the phone. For example, if you want to lower the volume without having to remove the phone from the ranch.

Sony says that there are more than 200 applications that are only for SmartWatch. If you are an Android user, be it a smartphone or a tablet, the Sony SmartWatch 2 is your ideal partner.

Smart Accessories: Sony’s Android-Powered SmartWatch 2Smart Accessories: Sony’s Android-Powered SmartWatch 2