Sunday, 21 July 2013

Martian G2G watches for women

When the clock is more than a watch? There are rumors of an upcoming Apple iWatch. And other technology giants probably feverishly preparing their own high-tech watches. With all the speculation, it's nice to have a watch that high-tech market.

G2G Watch Martian voice command is designed specifically for women (most men do not want to see a "file or" pink. ") Is a stylish Bluetooth watch that can communicate with iPhone and Android phones.'s Watch is a little larger than most classical watches, but it is quite normal in appearance. Nevertheless, the device comes in a microphone, speaker, OLED and micro-USB port.

The Martian G2G has some interesting features. Caller ID and allows you to accept or reject incoming calls with the push of a button, or the decline of a movement of the wrist. You can quickly check the weather, text alerts and calendar, or take a picture of your phone by pressing a button. Another interesting option is the Martian G2G can find your phone if you misplace.

Finally, there must be a certain amount of fun really, not just talking on the clock, but seeing the reactions of those around you as you do.

The Martian G2G goes on sale this spring. There are a variety of colors to choose from. The price is $ 250.