Sunday, 9 June 2013

Tom Ford Summer 2013 Makeup Collection

Tom Ford about the new collection: "I wanted to capture a very particular look of skin that is bathed in sunset light in the summer. It is a sultry and sublime glow. In this light, every woman looks irresistibly relaxed and sensual.”

The new collection of Tom Ford, "I wanted to capture a very special skin is bathed in sunlight in the summer, is a sensual and sublime shine With this in mind, every woman looks relaxed and irresistibly sexy .. ".

The collection will hit the counters of May 1, 2013, namely:

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer
Vapor (Pearl White)
TOM FORD Illuminator Blush
Blush guilt
Amber tanning
TOM FORD Lip Lacquer
Pink Lust (bright, bright rose gold)
TOM FORD Skin Illuminator

Fire Lust (pink glitter pink)
TOM FORD Eye Cream
Pink Mist (pale pink)
Escapade (peach nude)
TOM FORD Bronzing Powder
Gold Dust (shimmer)
Terra (Matte)