Friday, 24 May 2013

Beautiful and nourished hair

Healthy, beautiful and nourished hair makes us contented, confident and desirable. Every woman is particularly sensitive to your hair. You always want it to look nice and well cared for. 

Often because we use a lot of products, from shampoos, conditioners, which are washed and that is not washed, to masks, gels, oils, foams. Hair is not just our decoration, it is a kind of indicator of everything that happens in our body and soul. Hair can infer the condition of our body and we kind of mood. 

Our hair responds not only to stress, comorbid conditions or improper nutrition, but also to environmental influences, the polluted air, excessive exposure to sun, wind or cold. Hair is also complaining about the inadequate shampoo, too hot blowdryer or aggressive color.

For the health of the hair can be a lot to do. Hair loss can be prevented with proper care, diet, use of special therapy and packs is the period in which the hair more turns, and generally healthy lifestyle.
Meals can greatly help strengthen the hair and keep it healthy and high quality, and the best foods include dairy products, eggs , carrots, nuts, salmon ... The combination of ingredients is always the best way to beautiful skin and hair.