Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Simple daily combination for summer days

Summer is coming, and a little insecure, but the door is ... Ahead of the holiday period and all of them are looking forward to, especially the sea, the sun, lying on the beach and everything that goes with it. If you preslagali cabinets, remove the ones bought and worn past season and are trying to put together an outfit that would satisfy your thick, in which to fit this year's "must have" pieces, we bring you some interesting and simple idea.

Daily Look
For a simple daytime look, whether you go to the beach, walk, or having coffee with friends, keep in mind that the point be simply and tastefully dressed, while the same for you to be comfortable.
The simplest is the "jump" in jeans shorts, which this season can be purchased at affordable prices and indeed all the possible combinations of colors and cuts.

With shorts combine, t-shirts of various prints and patterns, or simple tops in various colors.Combinations of these pieces of clothing, which are indeed numerous, and above all economically, distinguished by their style and express their ideas. It is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

What to wear to work?
The eternal question, "What to wear to work?" Respond with a few combinations of new and something old you've already worn last season, and still keep it in the closet. 

Dresses with floral patterns that are very popular this season wearing a monochrome jackets in white or a softer color, or vice versa, jackets with floral patterns combine with dresses simpler pattern or bright colors. 

At the same time, a white dress and your personal look jacket will emphasize vivid colors like yellow or fuchsia, which will also highlight and your character, and highlight your business look, and your attitude in general.

For simpler casual business loook put on a simple white pants and combine them with flattering shirt cannon or white or other colors. Combine colors and their combinations Point out for some strenuous day at the office. In any case, keep in mind ventilation materials, complexity, and always be sure how long a certain combination of comfortable and wearable, due to summer temperatures and a chance for you to put on.