Sunday, 2 June 2013

Rotating Tower Dubai

Da Vinci Tower A tower of $ 350 million to be known as dynamic architecture of the building to be built in Dubai. The 68-story tower will feature plants that can be individually rotated through voice commands.

Architect David Fisher is the designer of the 'da vinci rotating tower', one of the most innovative of unique buildings to be built in Dubai. The tower is 250 meters allow each floor to rotate freely allowing the building to change its shape. between each horizontal wind turbine plant will allow the building to produce energy. Each of the floors are constructed as a module in a factory and then are assembled into the core. This will allow much more efficient construction and allow the building to be constructed with fewer workers on site.

Among the two-storey building has 48 horizontal wind turbines. It is estimated that, in addition to the power itself, the tower will be able to supply electricity to five similarly sized buildings. Construction will begin later this year.

Watch the video:

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