Thursday, 2 May 2013

Swarovski handbags by Judith Leiber

We know that after the bags are considered the most common launchers and fetish shoes designers because they pay close attention. Some designers are more and not be considered as a mere fashion accessory, rather than turn them into works of art.

This situation can be proud of scholarships and Judith Leiber fashion houses, which for its beauty simply "awesome." It is very unusual as obilika design and manufacturing. More precisely, each piece is made by hand and is fully decorated with precious stones and crystals of different colors ranging from red to gold luxury.

These stylish bags are usually designed for a festive occasion, and many celebrities "walked" the red carpet. What makes them special models are interesting ways, like an owl, dog, cake, heart, wallpaper, fruits and vegetables ... They have a chain, so it can be worn on the shoulder or hand.

Otherwise, the company Leiber Company has established fashion designer Judith Leiber Hungarian 1963a year back. The idea of ​​this luxury design was born when he was 40 by a friend to get a nice gift bag, which is due to the lack of transportation has been damaged and scratched. Creative Judith decided to fill the gaps, and is decorated with Swarovski crystals. Since these bags have become a "must have" fashion accessory for celebrities.
It is true that a simple bag while adding a dose of glamor and style needed not lost out.