Sunday, 19 May 2013

Maciej Zabawa - Unique painted silk scarves

Unique scarves Art Studio Maciej Zabawa are works of art created from silk with unique patterns.Handmade scarves displayed magic silk painting inspired by the beauty of the female soul. 

A wide variety of silk scarves gives unlimited possibilities of combining with other items of clothing, which can help every woman to feel very at work, at family celebrations, as well as evening entertainment. This artwork perfectly suit every woman, lady, occupied housewife and all romantic souls.

Young, contemporary artist Maciej Zabawa born 1981st in the Polish city of Gdansk, where he still lives and works, 2004th He graduated from the Art Academy in Poznan in 2006. launched her own art studio in which depicts scarves in one unique format, in which he brought all his creativity and passion. Silk painting is his formula for success, a prominent Polish professor Wojciech Sadley, introduced him to the secrets of this art.

The magic of silk painting, his skills and love of the creation process, giving these exquisite works of art inspired by the feminine beauty. 

Young artist created his identifiable style through art education and work experience painstaking process of painting on silk. 

Watch the video: