Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Fiji Islands

"It was once in the blue ocean, an island was born of lava and sand -. A virgin paradise whose heart was a turquoise lagoon of unimaginable beauty and tranquility The first visitors came and explored to honor the magic of the place. named "Likuliku" direction (still water). "

Welcome to the escape of the most unique luxury for couples Fiji.

A paradise of casual refinement unique romantic. A retired couple only has only 45 Bures and accommodation on Fiji water. A special place in a magical place with traditional designs and architecture, and where you can taste the real, warm and hospitable people and culture of Fiji.

Dinner in the "Fijian" restaurant and enjoy the daily changing menu card are included in the room price. Relax in the bar Masima island surrounded by the turquoise waters of the lagoon, get pampered at the spa, scuba diving amazing, vibrant reef, dive into the ancient culture, explore the nearby islands or simply relax and enjoy the beauty is Likuliku Lagoon Resort

First and only resort in Fiji with over the water bures. Water, it looks like an ancient village, so traditional is the style. Surrounded by tall thatched roofs, hand-woven and an exotic blend of natural materials and modern elements, Likuliku embodies the richness of an ancient culture with a touch of style dynamic life today.

Welcome to Fiji's most unique luxury escape for couples.

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