Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Champagne - expensive and fine wine

Traditions that we hold to this day is that during major celebrations or holiday toast with champagne. This tradition was not created just yesterday, but dates from the time when the Romans planted vines in the northeastern part of present-day France, around the fifth century.

Name of champagne is legally protected by agreement of the European Union, which was signed 1981st in Madrid.Only sparkling wines produced in the Champagne region fancuskoj may be called champagne, sparkling wines as they shared only method of production.

The three most popular types of grapes that are used in the production of Champagne are Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Pino menus. 
Region Champagne (Champagne) covers about 350 square kilometers and an annual production of more than 200 million bottles of champagne. 
bubbles celebrate the joy of living, and the best drink in the company .