Monday, 20 May 2013

Bentley’s Home Furniture Collection

Bentley’s Home Furniture Collection

This exclusive collection of furniture and home accessories combine the best creation with exclusive contemporary design and luxury finishes that emphasize the Bentley as a world famous brand. Modern Collection combines traditional elements with contemporary contexts to improve indoor residential, commercial and office today.

Stephen Buescher, production and marketing director of Bentley Motors, said: "For over 90 years, Bentley produces the best car interiors by hand in the world - now enter a new luxury line in the same position available people in their homes and offices. "

Club House Italia, which are known for the best furniture for homes, offices, apartments, hotels, yachts and private jets, with Bentley, reflects the elegant, prestigious and recognized in creating a range of furniture that combines greater attention to the details with the best aesthetic sensibility.

Base Club House Italia is an expression of the desires of style, luxury shape contemporary art that consists of talent, sensibility and experience. A legendary combination of Bentley production and unique style offer a rare example of elegance and luxury finishes, with the best materials in the world to highlight the unique elements of character and competence.

Alberto Vignatelli, president and CEO of Club House Italia, said: "The cooperation with the Bentley brand is the perfect union of knowledge, a lot of style and attention to detail make up collection for their homes to be luxury haute couture. designed for the most sophisticated and exclusive, who appreciate modern luxury and an incredible experience. "Bentley New Home Collection will include the traditional British spirit driving the new modern English twist. Combining traditional and modern movements in a new dimension with respect to the use of leather, precious wood, steel, wool, silk and crystal in the whole apartment, and a distinctive quality that reflects each subject.

Lindsay Weaver, director of licensed products and brand Bentley Motors, said: "We are delighted to Club House Italia to create an exciting new approach to luxury Both believe in a lot of brand design and share the incredible attention . to detail, our products are truly unique. "

Milan Furniture Fair recently ideal for a special presentation of a small selection of items from this collection, and the full launch will be at the House Object International Exhibition in Paris in January 2014.

Bentley Home Collection

Bentley Home Collection
Bentley is delighted to announce a partnership with Club House Italia for the development of its new Bentley Home Collection