Saturday, 30 March 2013


Frey Wille is Austrian company Frey Wille family ownedFrey Willewith offices worldwide and headquarters in Vienna. I'm usually not a fan of jewelry, but I immediately fell in love with Frey Wille.

According to its website, the company of artists inspired by the world around them and the diversity of cultures. However, many of his pieces are a tribute to great artists and architects such as Monet, Klimt and Hundertwasser.

Frey Wille designs very simple shapes in gold or silver, but the beauty of jewelry is beautiful in paints, enamels complex. Each bracelet and pendant is adorned with decorations inspired by art and culture.

The jewelry is very diverse and ranges from low toned colorful, modern and antique design. And if wereb't for the price, everyone would be able to find something for themselves.