Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sleeping Tomorrow Beds

High-end beds – Sleeping Tomorrow
When we speak of creativity in interior design should highlight the characteristics and qualities that break the usual pattern to enhance the effects and combinations that form the inside and very special modernism, regardless of their size. This is exactly the case DesleeClama Innovation and Design Centre (IDC), the Belgian concept and renowned production designer Axel Einthoven described.

They created the call Tomorrow bed sleeping, which is what should be the future beds. Beautiful shape, made of stretch fabric and upholstery fabric wraps his DesleeClama absorbent. The bed is equipped with Smart Display with speakers, lights, adjustable mattress designed subtly under the bed, under their fins for all those who want a quick read before nap.

High-end beds – Sleeping TomorrowHigh-end beds – Sleeping TomorrowHigh-end beds – Sleeping TomorrowHigh-end beds – Sleeping Tomorrow