Sunday, 23 June 2013

Porsche Go-Kart Pedal Car

Porsche Go-Kart Pedal Car

Porsche has so far been reserved for adults, only the wealthy or those willing to spend my life with bread and pate, just to be able to mount one of Porsche.

If a child has one of these little bump on the pedals, is likely to have had childhood ingenious. Today's children can travel in a real small Porsche, because the German auto giant has introduced its first car designed exclusively for children.

Selection of Go-Kart driver toy car Porsche is powered by a pedal, weighs only 25 pounds and has developed technology they call "Porsche Performance Intelligence," which is, of course, a secret recipe created to extract a few more dollars that we can afford. specifically, the beast will cost $ 900, and the answer to cars like Ferrari and Mercedes.
Unfortunately for all adults who still feel like children, Go-Kart can support a weight of only 50 pounds, so that those who buy it, they do not have to circle around the village. Therefore, the question arises: why Porsche and other manufacturers do not do this kind of model for adults?