Sunday, 9 June 2013

Goût de Diamants Taste of Diamonds – World’s Most Expensive Champagne

World's Most Expensive Champagne worth € 1,361,200 ($ 1,800,000) and Diamond Drop This luxury champagne brand, in collaboration with designer Alexander Amosu has done this for a champagne private clients.

It features a real diamond is unique personalized bottle of this famous brand only. You pay for the diamond and packaging rather than the actual drink, but do not worry, when you have your hand stamped in gold weighs approx 18K solid name. 36sm not regret your purchase.

The bottle has a white gold 18k Superman-like tag that weighs approx. 48GM with one deep crack white diamond weighs 19cts equipped in the center. The bottle is available in black and only deceives you need.