Tuesday, 4 June 2013

1931 Leica Camera Gold Plated Sold for $683,000 At Auction

1931 Leica Camera Gold Plated Sold for $683,000 At Auction

Leica Camera 1931 was auctioned for $ 683,000 in Vienna, as well as old appliances and other rare photographs of the brand. Among the records that sold the legendary photograph of an American sailor kissing a nurse on the day World War II ended.

The aircraft belonged to the German winemaker Karl Henkell, and the price of the auction house in Vienna Westlicht reached the first time more than three years. The device has brown leather covers original equipment Leitz camera lizard silver 'Luxus gold and two lenses.

Other models of the German brand also achieved higher than expected prices. The prototype of the Leica M3 is estimated at $ 90,000 and sold for $ 560,000 and the prototype Leica 250 Reporter is estimated at $ 39,000, sold for $ 310,000.

The device used by the German-American photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt in Times Square in New York to celebrate the surrender of Japan August 14, 1945. sold for $ 148,000.

1931 gold-plated Luxus Leica Camera
Leica M3 Prototype
‘Kiss in Time Square’ Photo and Camera are up for sale at the WestLicht Photographica Auction