Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Red lipstick - Be IN

Without him, the evening look almost unthinkable, worshiped by Hollywood divas and starlets, paired with any outfit, and women who use it do not go unnoticed ... It is, of course, - a red rose!  

Red lipstick is an absolute classic, elegant and glamorous at every opportunity, but also very challenging because not tolerate any mistakes.
When applying red lipstick is necessary to pay attention to several factors. Note that if you use red lipstick is not necessary to go overboard with the rest of the makeup. Make a good foundation, concealer, cover flaws and properly apply the powder.

Eyes našminkajte very discreet - just just a little mascara and discreet beige eyeshadow. If you want to soften the red lipstick and add a note of heat over it, apply a layer of gold lip. Want to get dramatic, colder tone and spread pink gloss.

Women who have rosy skin should use darker tones of red roses, while those that have a yellowish skin and warmer, brighter tones of red roses. Also keep in mind that if you apply red lipstick you should avoid red nail polish. Nail trims some clear lacquer to not become preupečatljivi.