Thursday, 16 May 2013

Neronote – Your perfect Italian shirt

Italians are well known for their attention to dress well - the "bella figura", or good impression, remains traditional in the Italian way of life! Many people in the world are still in Italy for shopping and style inspiration.

The shirts are the best way for you to reflect your personal style and can help reorganize the way you look. A shirt is comfortable and can be fashionable, elegant and stylish. You can use them for casual, wedding, dinner, business, travel, seasons and at any time and for any reason.

Now you can have the "Italian style" without leaving home! "Neronote" to meet their needs and desires and shapes, creating the perfect shirts.

"Neronote" manufactured and sold exclusively online products. Since its official founding in 2010, "Neronote" managed to meet the needs of thousands of customers around the world, providing an innovative method for customizing the custom shirt.

You can create your own shirt from scratch. An interactive wizard that lets you edit the details of the proposal data and create a new one that is completely different from the other.

"Neronote" is an innovative company that introduced the web the care and professionalism of the people who made products for over a century. Thanks to a creative approach we connected to the web, offering a product that should be invented and created by scratch every time.

"Neronote" was awarded as the best e-commerce in 2012, when the Italian ceremony on the Web, the contest that rewards every year the best web projects developed by professionals and Italian companies.

This is a very important goal for "Neronote". It rewards the company for having "put on the Web for the workforce."

T "Neronote" can be customized in every detail. A step by step guide and support the detailed information to choose the shirt for you and guide you through a "shopping experience" enjoyable.

You can choose from: Mount fabric, sleeves, cuffs, pockets and collar - and at the end you can see the end result of the design of the shirt!

Exclusive to their customers, "Neronote" offer "Millennium Star", the world's most precious fabric. "Millennium Star" 3/ply in D & J Anderson collection Albini Group, is available in different colors and shades. And "Neronote" is the e-commerce in the world to offer their "diamond in the rough cotton fabric" of the most valuable customers. Best cottonseed with Egyptian climatic conditions have created ideal conditions for a luxury product to meet the same beautiful lovers worldwide.

The "Neronote" also helps you in your wedding day. Today exceptional importance, you need a shirt that makes a statement that says he is a man who expects perfection and choose the best. His appearance must be impeccable and wedding shirt is the basis of excellence. You can remove a jacket or tie, but the shirt should look white for the duration of the event.

If you wear a tuxedo or regular, and if you need a removable collar or butterfly knot remains standard fasteners, you can customize the shirt to your specific tastes and desires to stand out with elegance and panache.

Add a monogram for a special touch and improve the wedding shirt to your liking with ornaments that make your creative nature to the front, keeping the exquisite elegance, classic shirt "Neronote" is famous.

As you can see now, you do not have to go to Italy to buy the perfect shirt, you can design a house. But if you decide to visit Italy, you can spend time on the page instead of searching in crowded stores!

All you have to do is visit and your perfect shirt will come to your doorstep.