Sunday, 19 May 2013

Authentic Hermes, Chanel, & Louis Vuitton Pieces for Grab at Heritage Auctions

Authentic Hermes, Chanel, & Louis Vuitton Pieces for Grab at Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions offers handbags and accessories of quality thanks to their impressive "auction" live now, as well as Internet bidders are members through their weekly luxury accessories auction. Such sales are comprised of more than 20 former designers and new songs without reservation. More than 700 exotic items will premiere on April 28 at the Fletcher Sinclair Mansion in New York, having seen in Beverly Hills and Dallas.

Some of the most interesting bags undoubtedly are a collection Hermes 18cm Blue Jean porosus crocodile double diamond gusset bag uncommon extraordinary Constance with 18K white gold hardware (Starting Price U.S. $ 40,000), a Hermes Ultra Rare 30cm Himalaya Matte White Crocodile Birkin bag with palladium hardware (starting price of U.S. $ 40,000) a part of a kind Hermes Horseshoe Shiny Rose 35cm Birkin Bag Crocodile Scheherazade Porosus Tyrian Interior and Rose Gold Hardware (starting price of U.S. $ 40,000 ) and a rare Hermes 5P pink mat Alligator 35cm Birkin with palladium hardware (opening bid $ 40,000).

"Even for the most experienced collector of Hermes bags, there are many options in this auction," said Matt Rubinger, director of luxury accessories at Heritage. "There are also numerous opportunities across multiple brands Luxury for new collectors to find the perfect bag for a better price than retail - is a smart investment and instantly. "

Other notable pieces include a rare 1960 18k Melone Great Bulgari yellow Minaudière with a pin of 1.21 carats of round diamonds ($ 25,000 starting price) of a blue and silver Crocodile Chanel Paris-Byzance Medium Flap Bag Collection West Gripoix evening bag (Starting Price U.S. $ 4000), followed by Byzantine Collection aesthetic inspiration Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel and a lizard Jumbo Double Flap Bag with exceptional natural brass hardware ($ 1.500 initial offer).

Hermes Extraordinary Collection 18cm Diamond Blue Jean Porosus Crocodile Double-Gusset Constance Bag

Hermes Ultra Rare 30cm Matte White Himalayan Crocodile Birkin Bag
Hermes Horseshoe One of a Kind 35cm Shiny Rose Scheherazade Porosus Crocodile Birkin Bag
Hermes Extremely Rare 35cm Matte Pink 5P Alligator Birkin Bag