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Add to this its natural beauty and it is not surprising that the power of a modern city-state located in tropical island gem has become a favorite destination for tourists ...

Singapore is a city-state located at the southern tip of Malaysia. Rich cultural mix of the city's Asian and Western results in mixtures and fascinating contrasts are found nowhere else in the world, and offers visitors a unique experience.

The Chingay Parade is a traditional Chinese New Year Parade has recently become massive street parade, offering a variety of sensational ballroom dancers, street floats, jugglers, drummers, dancers, lion and dragon dance hall clowns and acrobats, among others.

Chingay Parade 2013. - 22 February 2013-23 February 2013

Singapore food is legendary.

Street food was the best food in Singapore since 1800, when the men of China, Malaysia and South India have been attracted to work in the busy port city manic.

Distinctive city hawker centers, food courts and cafes line the streets and shopping centers, offering an abundance of sumptuous local dishes - unique flavors and colorful local culture, too.

Singapore Chicken Rice is unofficially voted the national dish of Singapore.

Singapore skyline has grown considerably in recent years.

Marina Bay Sands - a luxury hotel and a world-class casino - is just one of many highlights, along with institutions such as the iconic Esplanade, the Fullerton Bay Hotel and Singapore Flyer.

The Marina Bay Sands

Along the coast of Marina Bay in central Singapore, 10 minutes from Changi International Airport, the Marina Bay Sands moment is really a great place to find your peace. This Singapore hotel Mega Extreme is the symbol of the grandeur and opulence.

Rooms vary a lot, you can choose from 18 different luxury lodging services ultimately, opulent. Almost needless to mention, Marina Bay Sands has a total of 2561 rooms.

The Skypark, with its swimming pool and over 200 species of plants, there will be an excellent choice for those who suffer from fear of heights.

Sky and Justin Quek ago at 57, where you can enjoy all kinds of music, cocktails and DJs.

There is also an impressive casino, which offers visitors the opportunity to try their hand at the game or even win the jackpot mystery car.

Capella Singapore Hotel

For those of you who prefer more natural than urban life, Capella Singapore is a good place to enjoy the privacy surrounded by beautiful vegetation, lush. The reception building itself is quite an architectural monument, like the colonial style of the 18th century.

Singapore Durian Convention Center - Esplanade

And of course, if you decide not miss visiting Singapore - Singapore Zoo: Better World Rainforest Zoo. Singapore Zoo has been known as one of the most beautiful places in the world where animals roam freely in open habitats and natural.

Shop, eat, study and have a wonderful and fun visit. Whatever your taste or budget, you will discover an unforgettable garden city, located at one end of the island to end full tropical exotic landscapes, exciting activities and surprises once in life.

The Chingay Parade 2013. -  22 Feb 2013 – 23 Feb 2013 

Singaporean food is legendary.  

 Singapore chicken rice is unofficially voted the Singapore National Dish.

The Marina Bay Sands

The Skypark, with its pool and over 200 species of plants, will not be such a great choice for those suffering from fear of heights.

And there’s Justin Quek’s Sky, on 57, where guests can enjoy all sorts of cocktails and the music of live DJs.

Capella Singapore Hotel

Singapore Durian Convention Center - Esplanade